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Got a question? We’ll find the answer. Peruse our FAQ Below or CONTACT US with your specific questions.

Am I too young to move to The Garlands?

Garlands Independent living members range in age from 62 to 100.  We suggest you visit the community and meet a full range of active individuals–both junior and senior–who have chosen to call The Garlands home.  Although it may sound cliche, the most common advice we hear from Garlands members is, “Do this while you are young so you can fully enjoy it!”

In addition, many people chose to move to The Garlands on their own terms, at a younger age, prior to any sort of healthcare crisis and without burdening their children with the decision.  This leaves them right where they want to be–in the driver’s seat.

With so much going on, how will I ever have any privacy?

Although, with so much going on on a day-to-day basis, it is easy to understand why some people believe this myth.  The truth is that The Garlands offers significant independence.  There is nothing prescribed about The Garlands lifestyle.  Garlands members are invited to socialize and participate as much or as little as they desire.

What makes The Garlands so unique?

After years of research and visiting senior living communities throughout the country, the local owners of The Garlands created a continuing care retirement community that represented the “best of the best.”

For example, The Garlands offers the most spacious, private residences larger than most retirement communities, high quality construction and a casually elegant interior design. All the special touches, including the landscaping, fine finishes and gracious staff are noticeably a cut above. The lifestyle offerings, such as the multiple dining venues and flexible spending account, offer residents unprecedented choice and a variety of options. Plus the convenient services, amenities and variety of activities that are readily available create a convivial environment where residents enjoy fellowship with friends and neighbors. Lastly, access to a full continuum of the highest quality of health care services should residents ever need it provides great peace of mind.

It’s no wonder that over half of Garlands residents herald from distant places, bypassing many other senior living options on their way in favor of The Garlands Difference! They are looking for larger residences, higher standards and an environment that is suited to their active lives. They find it all at The Garlands where we hear over and over again, “It just doesn’t feel like a retirement community.”

How can I downsize from a four bedroom house to a place at The Garlands?

There’s no doubt about it–moving can be hard, but with over 200 moves under our belt, The Garlands can offer a lot of advise and help with the process!  The Garlands All the Right Moves program offers complimentary sorting, organizing and moving assistance with the process.  We can’t take away all the stress and emotion, but we can help you with the heavy lifting!  The truth is, when all is said and done, many people find the moving process quite liberating.

Can children visit?

Of course! The Garlands was designed with the extended family in mind. The Spa and Fitness Center make a great retreat for families. Our dining program and Performing Art Center are wonderful destinations for families. And our hotel suites offer visiting friends and relatives a vacation get-away while they visit parents.

How can I tell if I can afford the monthly service fee?

If you take out your checkbook and make a list of everything you spend for utilities, maintenance, lawn service, housekeeping, cable television, food, transportation, security, etc., most people find that they are spending the same amount living in their current house as they would for a monthly fee at The Garlands.

How can I determine if I can afford the entrance fee, and which entrance fee model should I choose?

We recommend taking a look at your assets, including your home’s value, and plan on spending up to half of it on your Garlands entrance fee.

The Garlands offers a variety of price points, so it is very likely that you will find a floor plan you like at a price that fits your needs.

We offer both a 90% refundable and a traditional entrance fee model. With the 90% refundable option, 90% of that entrance fee will be returned to you or your estate upon moving from The Garlands. The traditional entrance fee model requires less of an investment up front and a lower rate of return over time. Depending on your personal finances, one of the two options will best serve your needs. We also offer a variety of hybrid arrangements. Depending on your personal finances, one of our various options will best serve your needs. 

What if I need something fixed in my apartment home or villa?

Simply call our members services staff who will gladly take care of things for you. Maintenance is our responsibility.

Does moving to The Garlands make sense for someone who travels?

One of the advantages of moving to The Garlands is that you’ll be free to take off at a moment’s notice. We’ll look after your home so you won’t have to worry about a thing while you are away. Simply turn the key and go! Since, in fact, so many Garlands members do travel, we offer generous service plan reductions for extended absences.