A Smart Business Decision . . . and a great move for this Barrington family

A practicing attorney and retired accountant, father and son Frank and Joe Lucas are accustomed to “dotting their Is and crossing their Ts.”

To them, The Garlands NEW HYBRID pricing option, which requires no large entrance fee, was a smart business decision that offered less of an upfront financial commitment.

“No large up-front fee meant I didn’t have to disrupt any assets or investments to make the move,” says Frank, a former business owner who meticulously researches and plans his financial strategies.

The Added Value

Plus, moving to The Garlands gave Frank access to The Garlands services, lifestyle and amenities and the opportunity to be closer to family—Joe, a Barrington attorney and his wife, Mary Lee, an anesthesiologist at Good Shepherd Hospital.

Frank and his wife, Marylou, had been considering The Garlands for a while, attending various Garlands events and visiting over the years. After Marylou passed away, their larger home in Lincolnshire became more than Frank needed.

“After my wife passed, it was, frankly, too boring living at home alone,” says Frank.  “So, I decided to leave my home and come here.”

So far Frank has met a lot of nice people and found several “friend-of-a-friend” connections as well as common interests and experiences with his neighbors. In addition to spending time managing his investments, he makes regular trips to The Garlands fitness center and is impressed with the equipment and classes. He also really likes the fact that his Good Shepherd physicians are conveniently nearby.    


An Asset to the Community

A local business leader and Barrington Area Council on Aging board member, his son Joe appreciates having a top-notch resource in Barrington that serves seniors and their families throughout the northwest suburbs and beyond. 

 The Garlands is just a very high-quality organization, right here in our own backyard,” says Joe. “It’s a great asset to the community and a wonderful solution for my dad and our family.”


Find out if The Garlands new Hybrid option is a smart choice for your family too!

Wednesday, November 29, 10:00 am
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No need to liquidate a portfolio or make a long-term commitment, plus save time, money and stress by leaving the packing and unpacking to The Garlands complimentary moving specialists.


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