Flexible Pricing Options

The Garlands of Barrington's flexible entrance fee options help to make your dream retirement plan a reality.

Each custom entrance plan offers specific advantages for financial, tax and estate planning purposes. Choose from a lower-priced, declining balance entrance fee or Garlands Select Option to minimize your initial investment or any one of our refundable entrance fee options to streamline future planning.
couple talking about flexible purchasing options at The Garlands



Affordable Retirement Plans

With The Garlands of Barrington’s custom pricing programs, an affordable retirement plan exists for most budgets. In fact, in comparison to most living situations, many find exceptional value in choosing The Garlands. Regardless of which option you choose, you’ll be making a solid investment and a decision that gives you more control of your future.

For example, although in each of the scenarios below Garlands members chose a 2-bedroom/2-bathroom Spruce floor plan, their up-front investments and returns are decidedly unique. All enjoy the same size home and amenities but chose different entrance fees and returns based on their personal financial strategies.

90 Percent Refundable Plan

Andrew and Stella Jones, a retired engineer and mother of four, listed and sold their home in 60 days. They applied the proceeds from the sale directly to a $412,500 entrance fee and will enjoy a 90 percent return on their investment.

Custom Refundable Plan

Margaret Smith, a former school teacher, chose to apply her condo’s equity of $330,000 to the price of her Spruce. Her return is calculated at 85 percent – a smart move that meant she didn’t have to tap into her savings.

Traditional Plan

Ed Wolf, a retired barber, was waiting for his home to sell. He invested $247,500 in his new place at The Garlands. For Ed, forgoing a return in favor of a lower entrance fee and an immediate move was a savvy choice.

Garlands Select

Beryl Wheeler, chose the Garlands Select temporary solution, which afforded her the same Spruce residence for a $41,250 non-refundable entrance fee. Like the others, she pays the standard Spruce monthly fee of $3,338. In addition she is charged a monthly Garlands Select premium of $326.25.  When Beryl’s home sells, she can then pay the remaining entrance fee, at which time the Garlands Select premium’s cease.