Custom Moving Solutions

There are no two ways about it — moving can be very stressful.

With The Garlands' complimentary "All the Right Moves" program, we help make your move simple, seamless and inexpensive.

From selecting and personalizing the perfect home, to unpacking the final box, The Garlands is ready to help make your move easy and enjoyable every step of the way.
Image of man and woman preparing to move to a new home

white wrapped present with a red bowLeave the Worry and Work to Us

Our personal relocation specialists are experienced in the fine art of managing a move and will assist you from start to finish. We know how to be efficient and create order out of potential chaos, all while offering answers and support through the transition process.

We will reduce stress, minimize hassle and save you significant time, effort and money. Best of all, these services — including standard de-cluttering, downsizing, light staging, packing, unpacking, moving and set-up of your new home — are complimentary. Think of it as our housewarming gift to you!