John and Mary Brown

Reflecting on their new life at The Garlands, John and Mary say, “It’s never been so good!”
Image of John and Mary Brown, members at The Garlands retirement community

At the corner of success and happiness, Walgreens played a significant role in John and Mary Brown’s life.

John worked for Walgreens as an executive leader for 22 years and was integral to Walgreen’s expansion from 600 to 5,000 stores nationwide. A volunteer for Walgreens, Mary helped create a replica of the first Walgreens Store, circa 1901, in Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry.

The Browns, both originally from Indiana, are now what you would call “snowbirds.” They live at The Garlands in the summer and fly south in the winter to their home in Bonita Springs, Florida. “We enjoy two lifestyles,” Mary said. In Barrington, they are close to family, including their five grandchildren, and in Florida they like the sun and golf.

“It’s never been so good,” said John with Mary in their new, elegantly decorated Garlands villa.