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The always popular Barbara Rinella will present a book dramatization of "The Hamilton Affair" this month, plus there's a Halloween scavenger hunt and, on a more serious note, a talk on consumer scams from a representative of the Attorney General's office happening in October.

With years of experience and lots and lots of water, that's how!

Twenty-six raised garden boxes at The Garlands sit dormant all winter, like blank canvases, waiting for gardeners to bring life and color to their beds. Meet two talented gardeners, whose organic masterpieces are now in full bloom, and discover why harvesting the fruits of their labor keep them digging in the dirt.

The Garlands is all about choice. We offer choice in a variety of floor plans, dining venues and a myriad of amenities, services and activities . . . so Garlands members can pick the ones that are just right for them. Now we’ve sweetened the pot with a new option that offers maximum financial flexibility too.

Don’t miss The Diamonds in concert this month! Feast on sliders, fries and shakes before the iconic group performs their hits from the 50s and 60s. Also, this month take advantage of opportunities to learn how to make a terrarium and see a woodworking demo.