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The Garlands HomeCare Solutions Earns Perfect Survey from Illinois Department of Public Health
The perfect score reflects The Garlands of Barrington's commitment to supporting its members' good health and smooth recoveries from illness or injury with quality home health care delivered in the convenience and comfort of their Garlands homes.

The Garlands HomeCare Solutions team (from left to right), led by Dawn L. Kempf (not pictured), Vice President, Sales Marketing and Health Care; Annette Clark-VanLeuven, Wellness Nurse; Ashley Garcia, Wellness Nurse; Linda Lankford, Wellness Center Administrative Assistant; Tess Quinn, Wellness Center Manager; and Angel Schlosser, Lead Certified Nursing Assistant.

TheIllinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) oversees the licensure of home health agencies and, as such, surveys The Garlands HomeCare Solutions annually. IDPH representatives spent three days onsite observing the delivery of care, reviewing patient charts and interviewing clients. The Garlands received perfect scores for home services and home nursing.


A practicing attorney and retired accountant, father and son Frank and Joe Lucas are accustomed to “dotting their Is and crossing their Ts.”

To them, The Garlands NEW HYBRID pricing option, which requires no large entrance fee, was a smart business decision that offered less of an upfront financial commitment.

“No large up-front fee meant I didn’t have to disrupt any assets or investments to make the move,” says Frank, a former business owner who meticulously researches and plans his financial strategies.

The Added Value
Plus, moving to The Garlands gave Frank access to The Garlands services, lifestyle and amenities and the opportunity to be closer to family—Joe, a Barrington attorney and his wife, Mary Lee, an anesthesiologist at Good Shepherd Hospital.

Frank and his wife, Marylou, had been considering The Garlands for a while, attending various Garlands events and visiting over the years. After Marylou passed away, their larger home in Lincolnshire became more

With years of experience and lots and lots of water, that's how!

Twenty-six raised garden boxes at The Garlands sit dormant all winter, like blank canvases, waiting for gardeners to bring life and color to their beds. Meet two talented gardeners, whose organic masterpieces are now in full bloom, and discover why harvesting the fruits of their labor keep them digging in the dirt.

The Garlands is all about choice. We offer choice in a variety of floor plans, dining venues and a myriad of amenities, services and activities . . . so Garlands members can pick the ones that are just right for them. Now we’ve sweetened the pot with a new option that offers maximum financial flexibility too.

Argentum recognizes senior living providers that promote rigorous, professional self-regulation and demonstrate the senior living industry’s commitment to quality service. Argentum's standards address key imperatives including workforce development, quality improvement, operational excellence, consumer choice and memory care.

Garlands members learned how to make a classic hummus and pita chips at home from Cat Vaccaro, a cook at the Garlands. For an even healthier snack, hold the chips and dip a carrot stick instead! Here’s the recipe, so you can make at home.