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Words That Made America: Humor and Comedy in American Culture

April 17 @ 10:00 am - 11:00 am


Look at the effects of the nation’s humorists in words and writings that shaped the mood of the country and both created and reflected significant social changes. We will take an in-depth look at Mark Twain, Will Rogers, Stephen Colbert, and others as both entertainers and social critics. Lots of laughs with Myra Loris in this one.

Fifth in a six-part series presented by Harper College and The Garlands
$19 per person per talk
RSVP to Amy at or 847-304-1996


April 17
10:00 am - 11:00 am
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  • Encouragement is Two-way Street

    I think most of us appreciate being encouraged, especially when we are walking through a difficult time. Here at The Garlands, we have opportunities to encourage one another in many different ways.
  • Enjoy a Cup of Kindness

    A kind neighbor and The Garlands Member Services team eased Karen's hip surgery recovery and reinforced that moving to The Garlands last summer was indeed the right decision.
  • "Perfect" Has a Nice Ring to It!

    Prairieview at The Garlands Assisted Living and Memory Care earned a perfect survey from Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH).
  • Perfect Survey

    A Perfect Survey for Garlands HomeCare Solutions!

  • A Smart Business Decision . . . and a great move for this Barrington family

  • The Garlands Celebrates 15 Years of Inspired Living

    Fifteen years after the first members moved to The Garlands of Barrington, the award-winning retirement community celebrates its tradition of excellence as well as its progressive and popular philosophy on how to be happy and age well.
  • How Do The Garlands Gardens Grow?

    With years of experience and lots and lots of water, that's how! Twenty-six raised garden boxes at The Garlands sit dormant all winter, like blank canvases, waiting for gardeners to bring life and color to their beds. Meet two talented gardeners, whose organic masterpieces are now in full bloom, and discover why harvesting the fruits of their labor keep them digging in the dirt.
  • Have your cake

    You Can Have Your Cake and Eat It Too!

    The Garlands is all about choice. We offer choice in a variety of floor plans, dining venues and a myriad of amenities, services and activities . . . so Garlands members can pick the ones that are just right for them. Now we’ve sweetened the pot with a new option that offers maximum financial flexibility too.
  • Garlands Own Honored for Spreading Joy through Music-evoked Nostalgia

    The Garlands of Barrington member Bruce Smith is making the world a better place one song at a time! The 75-year-old recently received the Daily Points of Light Award, which celebrates the power of the individual to spark change and improve the world, from the world’s largest organization dedicated to volunteer service.
  • DIY Mediterranean Munchies

    Garlands members learned how to make a classic hummus and pita chips at home from Cat Vaccaro, a cook at the Garlands. For an even healthier snack, hold the chips and dip a carrot stick instead! Here’s the recipe, so you can make at home.
  • The Garlands Play Readers Present: A Passion for Story-telling, Entertaining and Good Times

    The Garlands Play Readers, a troupe of 20+ thespians, all of whom are over the age of 75 and live at the Barrington retirement community, act, lip-sync and dance their way through dramas, sketch comedy and one-acts that are performed live in The Garlands’ own 200-seat Performing Arts Center.
  • The Garlands Play Readers Present: "Radio Days of the 30s, 40s and 50s"

    The Garlands Play Readers will bring audiences back to the "good ole days" with their own variety show, “Radio Days of the ‘30s, ‘40s and ‘50s,” presented on the main stage at The Garlands Center for the Performing Arts, 1000 Garlands Lane, Barrington, on Thursday, April 27 and Saturday, April 29 at 3pm.
  • Better Balance Within Reach

    Garlands members prove that achieving better balance is possible with exercise and dedication. After attending The Garlands 14 Week Balance Challenge, 31 of the 35 participants improved their balance! They are poised for life's next adventure and you can be too.
  • The Fine Art of Retirement – YOUR Way!

    Explore your artistic side…nurture a green thumb…audition for a leading role. Whatever strikes your fancy, you’ll find the companions, means and freedom to make those dreams a reality at The Garlands. Here you can create a one-of-a-kind lifestyle for a one-of-a-kind you.
  • Kempf Earns Certified Director of AL Credentials

    Congrats to Dawn Kempf, Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Healthcare at The Garlands of Barrington for earning The Senior Living Certification Commission's (SLCC) Certified Director of Assisted Living (CDAL) credentials.
  • The Garlands Inspira: Cultivate Possibility. Ignite Opportunity. Inspire Amazing.

    Over the last 15 years our members have inspired us to set goals, dream bigger and have fun! We have countless examples of members with remarkably inspiring stories about their lives before and since moving to The Garlands—health improved, interests pursued, bucket lists crossed off . . . and the list goes on. “The Inspira philosophy and name are in honor of our members past, present and future and 15 years of inspired living here at The Garlands,” says Lund.
  • Image of Jack and Rita Roche

    Precious Memories

    Garlands member and writer, John (Jack) Patrick Roche, reflects on precious childhood memories growing up in Boston in this personal blog post.
  • The Happiness Advantage

    Research shows that when people live in a positive brain state they get something called “the happiness advantage” in which their intelligence, creativity and energy levels increase. They make better decisions, have superior productivity, experience less burnout and improve in many other ways.
  • Deck "The Garlands" Halls

    For more than a decade, the monumental—and super fun—job of decorating The Garlands of Barrington for the holidays has been in the capable and creative hands of The Red Geranium Gift shop team.
  • Gingerbread Village Inspires Wonder and Awe

    It takes 50 pounds of flour, four gallons of molasses, 20 pounds of brown sugar, ginger and other spices, fifty-pounds of confectioner sugar and five quarts of egg whites plus thousands of pieces of candy, fruit loops, crackers, chocolate, candy canes and gumdrops to make a village—a gingerbread village, that is!
  • Welcome Inspirational Wellness Advisor!

    So what does an Inspirational Wellness Advisor do? Nothing less than encourage better living. And The Garlands of Barrington’s new Inspirational Wellness Advisor, Sandra Sieber, PT, DPT, is quite passionate about her new role.
  • Life is Wonderful with "Member Services" Ready to Help

    If you need a ride to the airport, want help walking Fido or see a suspicious character, who are you going to call? Member Services is the answer for those living at The Garlands. The Member Services team of 20 caters to the needs of Garlands members and supports other departments 24 hours a day, seven days a week. “We’re here to serve; simple as that,” said Roger Mutter, Garlands Director of Member Services. “There’s pretty much nothing we won’t do.”
  • Secrets to Good Housekeeping

    Garlands housekeepers are the cleanliest and friendliest, according to Entela Gjika, Director of Housekeeping.. The members’ preferences from bedding arrangements to coffee cup placements are all captured in writing. “We provide highly personalized service catered to members’ needs and likes.”
  • Prairieview at The Garlands

    Access to Prairieview at The Garlands award-winning assisted living, memory care, skilled nursing and rehab services is one of the many benefits members have that supports living and aging well.
  • "Divergent Paths" Exhibit by Watercooler Sisters

    The art exhibit “Divergent Paths” on display at The Gallery at The Garlands of Barrington now through the end of July features work by a group of talented women artists and friends who are equally passionate about creating art and supporting each other’s artistic endeavors.
  • The Garlands Shares Expert Spring Decorating and Downsizing Advice

    Whether you are moving to a new home or simply looking to refresh your existing home interior this spring, relax and follow the advice of The Garlands of Barrington interior designer to achieve a space that reflects your personal design taste.
  • The Garlands Helps Take the Work and Worry Out of Moving

    This spring, The Garlands of Barrington offers three new ways to help older adults make a move to senior living without some of the traditional hassles of selling an existing home, managing a move and putting the finishing touches on a new home.
  • Easter Brunch at The Garlands

    Did you know The Garlands Easter Brunch is open to the public? Join Garland members and their families for a traditional brunch, an egg hunt with the Easter Bunny and--new this year--an Extraordinary Sweet Shop bursting with delicious desserts.
  • Love Returned

    The following poem, "Love Returned," is one in a series of poems written by Garlands member and writer John Patrick Roche (Jack) on his observations of love in its many forms as witnessed at The Garlands. Be inspired by life and love seen through Jack’s keen eye and told in his engaging, unique voice!
  • Moving Made Easy at The Garlands

    Starting this spring, The Garlands of Barrington will partner with Moving Station, a national executive-level relocation company based in Chicago, to provide future Garlands residents with two unique home sale solutions.
  • A Love Prolonged

    "A Love Prolonged" is one in a series of poems written by Garlands member and writer John Patrick Roche (Jack) on his observations of love in its many forms as witnessed at The Garlands. Be inspired by life and love seen through Jack’s keen eye and told in his engaging, unique voice!
  • Lasting Love

    The following poem, "Lasting Love," is one in a series of poems written by Garlands member and writer John Patrick Roche (Jack) on his observations of love in its many forms as witnessed at The Garlands. Be inspired by life and love seen through Jack’s keen eye and told in his engaging, unique voice!
  • Love of Life

    The following poem, "Love of Life," is one in a series of poems written by Garlands member and writer John Patrick Roche (Jack) on his observations of love in its many forms as witnessed at The Garlands. Be inspired by life and love seen through Jack’s keen eye and told in his engaging, unique voice!
  • Love is Belonging

    The following poem, "Love of Belonging," is one in a series of poems written by Garlands member and writer Jack Roche on his observations of love in its many forms as witnessed at The Garlands. Be inspired by life and love seen through Jack’s keen eye and told in his engaging, unique voice!
  • A Dozen Holiday Gift Ideas for Older Adults...From Those Who Know at The Garlands

    There is something for everyone. Really! Finding the perfect gifts for the older adults in your life—who already have everything—may seem tricky, if not impossible. The Garlands of Barrington team members are here to help!
  • Chef Nick Brings High Level Dining & Experiences to the Menu at The Garlands

    After just a few moments talking to Chef Nick Torres at The Garlands, you start to understand his passion for creating remarkable dining experiences. He loves what he does for a living and has lived a life appreciating quality ingredients.
  • Prairieview Earns 5-Star Rating--4th Consecutive Year!

    Prairieview at The Garlands achieved a perfect overall 5-star rating for the fourth year in a row from the federal government’s Center for Medicare Services (CMS) for quality
  • What's Trending in Senior Living Design?

    Older adults’ lifestyles have evolved over the years to be more active and engaged than ever before. Senior living communities are keeping pace with today’s on-the-go seniors with modern design choices and lifestyle offerings that make community life all the more attractive
  • Neighborly Love at The Garlands

    Cuz-We-Care volunteers introduce new arrivals to members aiding each to ease into our retirement social life and to the good times here. It's a neighborly thing to do.
  • 2015 Best of Assisted Living Award

    Prairieview at The Garlands of Barrington is awarded 2015 Best of Assisted Living in Chicago.
  • Garlands Members Embark on Adventure

    Many longtime travelers and new explorers alike find a new-found freedom to pursue their wanderlust in the retirement years. Being adventurous and enjoying travel is easier than ever for vacationers who live at the new Garlands Club at The Garlands of Barrington.
  • Custom-made Retirement Living

    It’s hard to think about, let alone plan for, the future when you’re busy living today, but—ready or not—the future is coming. Like so many of life’s various phases that have a tendency to sneak up on us when we least expect them, for many of us, it’s hard to envision a post-retirement lifestyle . . . even though we’ve essentially worked toward it all our lives.
  • Garlands Chef Nick’s Heart-Healthy Eating Tips

    We celebrate heart wellness in February, but we should be caring for our hearts all year. A heart-healthy diet can improve your quality of life and help you age gracefully. You don’t have to be a chef to cook food that is good for you. Simply follow this chef’s advice.
  • This is so true...enjoy.

    One day I had lunch with some friends. Jim, a short, balding golfer type about 85-years-old, came along with them; all in all, a pleasant bunch. When the menus were presented, we ordered salads, sandwiches, and soups, except for Jim who said, “Ice cream, please. Two scoops, chocolate.” I wasn’t sure my ears heard right, and the others were aghast. “Along with heated apple pie,” Jim added, completely unabashed.
  • The Garlands Earns BACT Recognition for Conservation Efforts

    The Barrington Area Conservation Trust (BACT) recently recognized The Garlands conscientious efforts to “improve the natural world for wildlife and humanity” and awarded it their Conservation@Work certification. We always knew the grounds were beautiful, now they are award-winning and sustainable as well! Kudos to Ann Pateros, director of interior design and landscape, and Cindy Baldocchi, assistant, who help ensure that The Garlands grounds continue to thrive through sustainable landscape design.
  • Top Ten Reasons to Move Now ...from Those Who Did!

    Many people like the idea, but ultimately put off the decision by saying “I’m not ready yet.” The truth is that most people who make the move end up wishing that they had done it sooner, says Dawn Kempf, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at The Garlands of Barrington, an award-winning retirement living community located at 1000 Garlands Lane, Barrington, IL,
  • A Winning Play!

    The Garlands presented a $5,500 check to Bears Care at "Breakfast with da Bears" event held this week at The Garlands Center for the Performing Arts.
  • All the Right Moves...One Step at A Time

    Sure, moving can be stressful, but I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t necessarily have to be. As move-in coordinator at The Garlands, I’ve helped facilitate hundreds of moves. Follow my 10 Tips to help ease the stress of moving!
  • Practical Advice for Selling Your Home

    Like spring’s rising temperatures, the real estate market is heating up too. “Days on the market are down and sales prices are creeping up,” says realtor Samantha Kalamaras, sharing statistics from Barrington’s February housing market report. “Things are getting exciting!”
  • Survey says....

    The Garlands of Barrington members are among the happiest and most satisfied senior living residents in the country! Recent survey results from Holleran, a national research company in the senior living industry, say it's so.
  • A Matter of Balance

    Many people afraid of falling believe that if they limit their activity they will decrease their fall risk, however the opposite is actually true. Learn more at the award-winning "Matter of Balance" program.
  • The Psychology and Logistics of Making the Right Move

  • image of Dawn L. Kempf, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at The Garlands

    Hardy Praise for The Garlands Gardens!

  • Where are all the People?

    There are over 200 living here in our active retirement community, and they're always on the go: some to second homes, others travelling to exotic places or volunteering at Hospice of North Eastern Illinois, Good Shepherd Hospital and churches.
  • Come to the Cafe Corner!

    The Cafe Corner at the intersection of the walkways connecting buildings one and two near the coffee machine is a center of activities and a great place to sit and socialize while sipping coffee or tea.
  • Short Walks From The Garlands

    One couple played tennis as we passed the courts. The incline to the tree house was busy with families. A group of eight spread out a summer picnic meal on the table at the tree house platform. They talked and laughed loudly.
  • The Garlands Academy Awards Show

    It was emotional and exciting. Thirty or more members and staff rallied around Cheryl and Gary Karlin, Producers, to fulfill their idea of an Academy Awards evening. Eight Oscar winning movie scenes, selected by members, filled the program.
  • Image of PD the dog

    P.D.'s Gripe

    Excuse me, please. I've got a gripe, and I just have to get it off my chest. I hate to complain crack out of the box but maybe after I tell you what the deal is, you'll understand. At least those of you who ever have owned a kitten or a cat will get it.
  • Lasting Love, an Observation

    There is a story to be told in my retirement community. It is a story of love. It isn't puppy love, young love or the many-splendored love of years past. It is lasting love: love over time. Not sexual, but simply love of each other as partners.
  • Our Jig-saw Puzzle Solvers

    The Garlands women were excited because one of the members brought in a new jig-saw puzzle to challenge them. It was a gorgeous butterfly particularly difficult to do because of its many muted shades of brown and gold with touches of white and red.
  • image of Dawn L. Kempf, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at The Garlands

    Octogenarians Giddy-Up

    Each of these octogenarians hopped back in the saddle after many years away from horses or for the first time for different reasons. All experienced the horse’s healing power in unique ways and realized personal, life-enriching benefits.
  • image of Dawn L. Kempf, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at The Garlands

    Prairieview Ranked With "America's Best" in Report

    To be ranked in the top 41 of 15,000 skilled nursing programs in the nation is a remarkable accomplishment and a true testimony to the quality and value The Garlands offers our residents in the event they should ever need short-term rehabilitative or long-term care
  • Gourmet at The Garlands

    The Marsala glazed lollipop veal chop was set on braised baby leaks. Roasted mushroom potatoes, tomato Florentine and shitake caps blended well with the veal as did the Estancia Central Coast Merlot 2007.
  • Our Spa and Pool Complex

    "My favorite item here is that automatic chair lift. Members using motorized chairs or scooters are helped onto the lift. One push of a lever lowers them gently down into the pool, however the kids love to use the two ladders to climb in and out."
  • Image of PD the dog

    All Hail to the Feline

    I'm so bow wow sorry that I haven't put my paw to the paper until now. The rainy weather in June and the hots of July had me in a real funk. Being house bound really got underneath my fur coat.
  • Competition

  • Friendship and Bon Appetit

    We gather, on occasion, at a host's apartment for cocktails, hors-d'oeuvres and great conversation before, and sometimes after dinner. The dining program and happy hours encourage mingling and getting to know each other better.
  • Short Trips From The Garlands

    Our daughter Jennifer said to our grandchildren, nine and five, "Buckle up Zachary and Natalie. We're going to Langendorf Park for a picnic and then for a swim in their great pool."