The Garlands… Curated Just for You

You’ve prepared for it all your life . . .  with all that you’ve accomplished, dreamed of and planned for. Now is the time to embrace The Fine Art of Retirement® at The Garlands.

Here, you’ll have the opportunity and time to challenge yourself, play, entertain, travel, maintain your health, serve and, in short, do whatever you desire . . . all in the comfort of a beautiful home, with convenient services at the ready and surrounded by people you’ll be happy to call “neighbor.” Plus, an exceptional continuum of on-site healthcare services gives you more control over life’s decisions today and in the future.

One-of-a-kind Homes

A diverse selection of sizes and styles makes it easy to find a floor plan that fits your personal preferences. Premier flooring, cabinetry, fixtures and countertops make it a residence of the finest quality. Your own decorating makes it home.


A Breathtaking View
in Every Season

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Garlands member using the CyberCycle while his friend engages in looking at the screen.

Mind Over Matter . . . Matters!

We all know that exercising the body is beneficial. But what exercising the mind? Or combining the two? Since the brain actually tells the muscles what to do and controls all bodily functions and organs, brain health is directly related to body health. That’s why The Garlands of Barrington’s Inspirational Wellness Advisor,…

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Teddie and Alan Kossof

Welcome Kossof Salon

Teddie Kossof entered the beauty industry in the late ‘60s and in 1975 opened the doors to his namesake salon and spa in Northfield. Forty-four years later it continues to be among the nation’s top salons, serving Chicago’s North Shore. In 1998, Teddie’s son, Alan joined the salon business and…

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