Betty Schmidt

COVID Accomplishment: Painting – Betty Schmidt

Garlands member Betty Schmidt, an accomplished artist and the one-time President of Oil Painters of America, accepted an important commission during the COVID-19 quarantine. The project allowed her to focus on the positive and fill her days with something she loves.   In addition, Betty checked off a project she’d skirted her entire life: she… Continue Reading COVID Accomplishment: Painting – Betty Schmidt

Ron and Phyllis Goldenstern

COVID Accomplishment: Gone Fishin’ . . . for Love – Ron and Phyllis Goldenstern!

Ron and Phyllis have what he calls “a good run” . . . that is to say, Phyllis kept him running since they met as high school freshmen! After 65 years, she is still the love of his life.   Ron says, “We came to the Garlands three years ago when I knew Phyllis might… Continue Reading COVID Accomplishment: Gone Fishin’ . . . for Love – Ron and Phyllis Goldenstern!

Joyce Carlson

COVID Accomplishment: Choosing Gratitude (and Getting the Job Done) – Joyce Carlson

One of the maxims Garlands Member Joyce Carlson lives by – pandemic or not—is: “Be grateful for small things, big things, and everything in between. Count your blessings, not your problems.”   Upon moving into The Garlands eleven years ago, Joyce thought, “I’m starting a new phase of my life. Now I’ll have time to… Continue Reading COVID Accomplishment: Choosing Gratitude (and Getting the Job Done) – Joyce Carlson

Harriet Ahr Walking

COVID Accomplishment: Choosing a Great Attitude – Harriet Ahr

Garlands Member, Harriet Ahr, chooses to have a wonderful day every day. A key component of her daily attitude adjustment is movement. Harriet walks outdoors and indoors, takes fitness classes, exercises in The Garlands Fitness Center, and works out virtually with The Garlands trainers. She’s at it every day and says that exercise is what… Continue Reading COVID Accomplishment: Choosing a Great Attitude – Harriet Ahr

Barbara Seaman

COVID Accomplishment: Writing Haikus – Barb Seaman

  Garlands member Barbara Seaman, who, under other circumstances performs with her acting troupe, The Garlands Playreaders, took her show off-stage during the COVID 19. Now she writes haikus in measured syllables to remember good times, cope with the pandemic, and exercise her creativity.   Take a peek, count her lined beats, and enjoy her… Continue Reading COVID Accomplishment: Writing Haikus – Barb Seaman

Vivian being video recorded room shot

COVID Accomplishment: Writing – Vivian O’Neill

With pen in hand, Garlands member, Vivian O’Neill, 93, took a leap of faith during COVID-19 and entered a poetry contest sponsored by Barrington’s White House on the topic of “House and Home.” She hadn’t written poetry before but, in the spirit of ever-growing and learning, she thought “Why not?!”   Vivian scored a spot… Continue Reading COVID Accomplishment: Writing – Vivian O’Neill

Charlie Foos in the woodshop

COVID Accomplishment: Charlie Foos – Carving

Garlands member, Charlie Foos’s grandfather built a workbench to house the magnificent wood-carving tools he curated over a lifetime. Upon his passing, the workbench went to the only family member who showed the slightest interest: high-school student Charlie, whose only qualification was that he had taken a shop class once.   The workbench remained untouched… Continue Reading COVID Accomplishment: Charlie Foos – Carving

Bill Lawton - Photographer

Through the Lens of Garlands Member and Professional Photographer Bill Lawton

Photographic Exhibit at The Gallery at The Garlands   Garlands member Bill Lawton got his first camera in junior high, and he hasn’t stopped taking photos since! “There is hardly a day that goes by that I don’t take a photo of something,” says Bill. “If I haven’t taken a picture, it hasn’t been a… Continue Reading Through the Lens of Garlands Member and Professional Photographer Bill Lawton

Karen on bridge


Karen Stathakis is moving in a healthy direction at a pace of 4,000 steps a day – as tracked by her Fitbit!     Be FREE After years of caregiving, raising two sons, maintaining a home and juggling a career, Garlands member Karen is free at last to pursue her passions and step into the spotlight: on… Continue Reading Be FREE

Sally and Nancy toasting champaign


“Always my sister, forever my friend.”   Be FAMILY Garlands members and sisters Nancy and Sally grew up side by side on the northwest side of Chicago near the famed Riverview amusement park and Wrigley Field. Nancy, the older by two years, attended Alvernia, an all-girls high school. Sally opted for the co-ed St. Benedicts “because it was more… Continue Reading Be FAMILY

Marlene Peterson painting


Marlene Peterson is a priceless original.   Be CREATIVE When a Garlands friend asked Marlene if she painted, she replied, “I don’t ‘do’ art.” The friend’s response, “How do you know?” sparked Marlene’s curiosity and creativity. Dozens of masterpieces later, Marlene exhibits her work at The Gallery at The Garlands and around town, but her true gift is… Continue Reading Be CREATIVE

Natalie and Fred with Mountains


The sky is the limit for Fred and Natalie Sponsler.   Be ADVENTUROUS Garlands members American Airlines pilot Fred and tax accountant Natalie were “fixed up” later in life by their fraternity brother teenage sons. Taking a risk on love again, the adventuresome Fred and Natalie began dating. A trained Air Force pilot and owner of his own Cirrus… Continue Reading Be ADVENTUROUS

Gary and Sue Ellen on Ski Lift


Sharing breathtaking views atop a snowy Colorado mountain is a real thrill for Gary and Sue Ellen Griffin.   Be THRILLING Family ski trips that started when their three boys were in grammar school continue today…with the addition of seven grandchildren on the slopes! They’ve been risk-takers and adventurers from the get-go. Sue Ellen took the first… Continue Reading Be THRILLING

Dorothy and Richard on their deck


His and her offices are the perfect fit for Richard and Dorothy Winsor, two scholars with doctorate degrees in their respective fields.   Be YOURSELF In their Garlands home, each spouse has space – in the home as well as in their relationship – to be him or herself and follow their own individual passions – along… Continue Reading Be YOURSELF

Phyllis Baber

Sixteen Years, WOW!

As they say, “It’s funny how time flies, especially when you are having fun.”

It is hard to believe that I have lived at The Garlands for 16 years now–I have enjoyed every moment! In fact, this might even sound like an ad for The Garlands, however, I thought that maybe some people might like to learn how an “old timer,” who has lived here nearly from the start, feels about being a Garlands member
Continue Reading Sixteen Years, WOW!

Van Griffen's at dinner


The Garlands is home-sweet-home to Dick and Alice Van Egeren.   Be GRACIOUS When these Garlands Members returned to Barrington, where they raised their five children, it was a happy homecoming after 15 golden years in Arizona. Once settled, they welcomed a new four-legged family member, Callie, affectionately known as their “Velcro dog.” Ever perched on a… Continue Reading Be GRACIOUS

Zilowski's in library


The Zilkowski classroom knows no boundaries.       Be SMART For these Garlands members Red is the color of love and Bob Zilkowski’s beloved alma mater, Indiana University. “I bleed crimson,” says Bob, a Hoosier fan through and through. Bob and Janet met on a blind date at IU, fell in love and married on the beautiful… Continue Reading Be SMART

Sisters having coffee


Bonnie Gekler is organized, Chris Kotarba is a wee bit loosey-goosey.   Be FRIENDS These Garlands members and lifelong friends are like two distinct peas in the same pod. Whale watching, hiking, retirement parties, a wedding and divorce, a few medical challenges, birthday celebrations―the two pals cruise through life’s ups and downs together. Workmates at First National Bank,… Continue Reading Be FRIENDS