Garlands Member with Parkinson's doing light Poxing

Therapeutic Programming Packs a Punch

Beyond physical fitness and good times, Garlands health and wellness programming offers significant therapeutic value as well. For example, regular Mindful Meditation sessions, led by the Venerable Bhante Sujatha, a Buddhist monk, are a great way to boost mood and practice selfcare, and bi-weekly Exercise for Diabetes classes followed by glucose monitoring help type 1… Continue Reading Therapeutic Programming Packs a Punch

Four Men getting reqady to go golfing

Guys Who Golf

Weather permitting, Garlands golfers swing over to the nearby Makray Memorial Golf Club, a premier 18-hole course, to test their skills, enjoy the fresh air, exercise, and take advantage of their Garlands-sponsored, complimentary, golfing privileges. The challenging course offers strategic bunkers, well-manicured greens, bluegrass roughs, spectacular views, and a great opportunity to get to know… Continue Reading Guys Who Golf

Bethanie Lochman hanging from her arial yoga bands

The Fine Art of Healthy Living – Arial Yoga!

Turning Preconceptions UPSIDE DOWN! Many Garlands members are grateful to Inspirational Wellness Advisor, Dr. Sandra Sieber, and Fitness Coordinator, Bethanie Lochman (pictured above), for their enthusiastic approach to making a difference in their physical and mental wellbeing. Some even say that “hanging out” with Bethanie and Sandra in fitness classes offers them a new lease… Continue Reading The Fine Art of Healthy Living – Arial Yoga!