Beautiful Day

Linda Jensen, Paul Cygan, and Linda Larson lived across the way and around the bend from one another in Weatherstone of Inverness, a luxury northwest suburban townhome community. Much to their surprise, they became neighbors for a second time when they all chose to move to The Garlands! Adding to the irony, within four months… Continue Reading Beautiful Day

Four Men getting reqady to go golfing

Guys Who Golf

Weather permitting, Garlands golfers swing over to the nearby Makray Memorial Golf Club, a premier 18-hole course, to test their skills, enjoy the fresh air, exercise, and take advantage of their Garlands-sponsored, complimentary, golfing privileges. The challenging course offers strategic bunkers, well-manicured greens, bluegrass roughs, spectacular views, and a great opportunity to get to know… Continue Reading Guys Who Golf

Dawn Kempf

Rest Assured

In these somewhat uncertain times, we look for strongholds to ground us. At The Garlands, we find that stability in the fortitude of our financial strength and the comfort of community. While many businesses, including some senior living communities, suffered post-pandemic, The Garlands financials remain robust. As a privately owned organization, The Garlands was built… Continue Reading Rest Assured