Environments for Aging Bronze Medal Award

The Re-vamp of a Champ! Garlands Earns Bronze Medal in Design

Following a recent revitalization, the newly reimagined Galleria at the Garlands is a multi-purpose focal point and neighborhood hub. From its integrated, open-concept design to its enhanced comfort and functionality, the Garlands Galleria invites community and offers members and their families a place to enjoy a cup of coffee, chat with neighbors, and simply chill. Garlands… Continue Reading The Re-vamp of a Champ! Garlands Earns Bronze Medal in Design

Telligen QI Blue Ribbon Award for Covid-19 Viligence

The Garlands receives the 2023 Telligen’s Blue Ribbon in Covid-19 Vigilance Award!

At The Garlands, safety comes first. That’s why we’re proud to announce that Prarieview at The Garlands is a 2023 recipient of Telligen’s Blue Ribbon in COVID-19 Vigilance Award! Recipients of this award must meet several criteria, such as completing a preparedness attestation and achieving an up-to-date staff and resident vaccination rate. Prarieview at the Garlands… Continue Reading The Garlands receives the 2023 Telligen’s Blue Ribbon in Covid-19 Vigilance Award!

Garlands Member with Parkinson's doing light Poxing

Therapeutic Programming Packs a Punch

Beyond physical fitness and good times, Garlands health and wellness programming offers significant therapeutic value as well. For example, regular Mindful Meditation sessions, led by the Venerable Bhante Sujatha, a Buddhist monk, are a great way to boost mood and practice selfcare, and bi-weekly Exercise for Diabetes classes followed by glucose monitoring help type 1… Continue Reading Therapeutic Programming Packs a Punch

Beautiful Day

Linda Jensen, Paul Cygan, and Linda Larson lived across the way and around the bend from one another in Weatherstone of Inverness, a luxury northwest suburban townhome community. Much to their surprise, they became neighbors for a second time when they all chose to move to The Garlands! Adding to the irony, within four months… Continue Reading Beautiful Day

Four Men getting reqady to go golfing

Guys Who Golf

Weather permitting, Garlands golfers swing over to the nearby Makray Memorial Golf Club, a premier 18-hole course, to test their skills, enjoy the fresh air, exercise, and take advantage of their Garlands-sponsored, complimentary, golfing privileges. The challenging course offers strategic bunkers, well-manicured greens, bluegrass roughs, spectacular views, and a great opportunity to get to know… Continue Reading Guys Who Golf

Dawn Kempf

Rest Assured

In these somewhat uncertain times, we look for strongholds to ground us. At The Garlands, we find that stability in the fortitude of our financial strength and the comfort of community. While many businesses, including some senior living communities, suffered post-pandemic, The Garlands financials remain robust. As a privately owned organization, The Garlands was built… Continue Reading Rest Assured

Gary and Paula

Flexibility is the Name of the Game at The Garlands

“Here, truly, one size doesn’t fit all!” – Gary & Paula Garlands members, Gary and Paula, mastered the fine art of personalizing their Garlands home . . . and you can too! Updated Style, Functionality, and Customization Options A variety of floor plans, price points, and the opportunity to customize two-bedroom homes* with kitchen cabinet,… Continue Reading Flexibility is the Name of the Game at The Garlands

Artwork from the glass girl cover

Dorothy Winsor Publishes Her 5th Novel – Glass Girl

At age 72, Dorothy Winsor moved to The Garlands and took up a second career as a young adult fiction author. To date, she has published six books, including her most recent young adult novel, Glass Girl.

Dorothy’s advice to others who are considering pursuing new dreams in retirement is:

“Don’t doubt yourself! Be brave enough to try new things no matter what your age.”

Glass Girl is (unsurprisingly) about a girl who makes glass . . . but that’s not all! Continue Reading Dorothy Winsor Publishes Her 5th Novel – Glass Girl

Michelle Murphy

ASK THE EXPERT: Michelle Murphy answers questions about moving to The Garlands

Michelle Murphy, Director of Sales and Marketing at The Garlands of Barrington, knows a thing or two about senior living. And, after dedicating the majority of her career to it, she also understands her clientele.

Our blogger spent a few minutes asking some of the most poignant questions older adults wonder about when they are considering making a move to The Garlands. Here’s what Michelle had to say. Continue Reading ASK THE EXPERT: Michelle Murphy answers questions about moving to The Garlands


The Galleria at The Garlands – Coming Soon!

“The core characteristics of the Arts and Crafts movement are a belief in craftsmanship that stresses the inherent beauty of the material, the importance of nature as inspiration, and the value of simplicity, utility, and beauty.”  “How We Might Live: The Vision of William Morris,” Hornblake Library Exhibit, University of Maryland Garlands guests are consistently… Continue Reading The Galleria at The Garlands – Coming Soon!

You-niquely YOU. Uniquely DeDe

Long-time Barrington resident, fashion model, entrepreneur, and philanthropist, DeDe Zwilling is uniquely Barrington. It’s only fitting that her home at The Garlands would be uniquely DeDe.  A self-professed 20-year Garlands “tire-kicker,” DeDe and her late husband had their eyes on The Garlands since the pre-construction phase. “I’ve always admired The Garlands beautiful campus and upscale,… Continue Reading You-niquely YOU. Uniquely DeDe

Karen Robinson Jumping into water

Meet Karen Robinson

It’s just another day in the eclectic life of Garlands member Karen Robinson Fresh off a Lindblad National Geographic snorkeling, kayaking, and paddle-boarding trip to Belize and Guatemala, Karen Robinson proceeded to entertain an audience of 60 friends and neighbors in a Valentine’s Day-themed musical cabaret.  Next, she created a faux iPad out of cardboard and… Continue Reading Meet Karen Robinson