Artwork from the glass girl cover

Dorothy Winsor Publishes Her 5th Novel – Glass Girl

At age 72, Dorothy Winsor moved to The Garlands and took up a second career as a young adult fiction author. To date, she has published six books, including her most recent young adult novel, Glass Girl.

Dorothy’s advice to others who are considering pursuing new dreams in retirement is:

“Don’t doubt yourself! Be brave enough to try new things no matter what your age.”

Glass Girl is (unsurprisingly) about a girl who makes glass . . . but that’s not all! Continue Reading Dorothy Winsor Publishes Her 5th Novel – Glass Girl

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THE BEST ADVICE I EVER GOT Dorothy A. Winsor Back when I was writing academic books and articles, I conducted a five-year ethnographic project at an engineering center. My area is professional communication, so I hung around the center watching engineers try to communicate in their natural habitat. It was a lot of fun, and… Continue Reading Be BRAVE