Kate and Prince William Wedding

Harper: Royal Weddings with Leslie Goddard

Few events thrill us like royal weddings — both as public ceremonies and as personal milestones. These occasions feel like living fairytales. In this illustrated lecture, historian Leslie Goddard explores the history of ten royal marriages, including those of Queen Vic-toria, Queen Elizabeth II, and Princes Charles, William, and Harry. You’ll get beyond their glamour to develop an understanding of how these occasions strengthen notions of national identity. You will also consider how royal couples negotiated the balance between a significant personal occasion and powerful national pressures from Victoria and Albert to Harry and Megan. Continue Reading Harper: Royal Weddings with Leslie Goddard

Lightening strike

Harper College: Natural Disasters – How to Prepare for Them

Natural disasters are a 24/7, anywhere-everywhere, equal-opportunity event. We may not be home when one happens. What if we’re at the market, in our car, or out walking? It’s essential to recognize how even small events can become life-threatening within moments. Disasters can be overwhelming, so how can we prepare for them and their devastating effects? Come away with solid ideas you can implement if needed Continue Reading Harper College: Natural Disasters – How to Prepare for Them

Harper: The Vatican Part II

Take a journey inside the walls of the Vatican. Explore the Belvedere Gardens, Vatican Library and the Vatican Museums and see the great works of artists such as Raphael, Michelangelo, and the masterpieces of classical sculpture. Learn about the contributions and foibles of some of the more famous (or infamous) Popes. Discover lesser known parts of this complex structure. Even if you haven’t been to Rome, you will come away with a better understanding of this amazingly fascinating city. Continue Reading Harper: The Vatican Part II

Harper: Stepping into Illinois History

Celebrate the Illinois Bicentennial by investigating the fascinating historical sites in our state. Discover the ancient Native American city at Cahokia Mounds, the seat of the French government at Fort de Chartres, and Camp DuBois where Lewis and Clark spent the winter before their Voyage of Discovery. See how early Illinois residents lived in Bishop Hill and Nauvoo, and visit the homes of Presidents Lincoln and Grant. Continue Reading Harper: Stepping into Illinois History