Martina Mathisen Presents Sacagawea: Adventures of Lewis & Clark

We’re all familiar with Lewis and Clark, the men who explored and charted the western half of the United States, but how much do we know of their companion Sacagawea? This incredible Lemhi Shoshone tribeswoman was indispensable to the most significant journey in U.S. history. Sacagawea: Adventures with Lewis and Clark will immerse you in her life, experiences, and incredible journey into the Louisiana Purchase. If you’ve seen Martina’s Six Wives of Henry VIII or Marie Antoinette, you know what an education and joy her performances are. Continue Reading Martina Mathisen Presents Sacagawea: Adventures of Lewis & Clark

Chicago True Stories

Last spring Martina Mathisen brought us the wildly creative Six Wives of Henry VIII. Now she turns our attention to Chicago during the 1920’s, a time saturated with surprise, sequins … murder! Sit in as 1920’s flapper Flora shows you how fashion, crime, and prohibition mixed with explosive creativity to shape the decade of the century. Learn how reality relates to the 2002 Oscar-winning film Chicago. Travel back to 1920 and decide for yourself what’s fact and what’s fiction in Chicago True Stories. Continue Reading Chicago True Stories