Dinner and a Show Worthy of an Oscar! Silver Screen Gold featuring Peter Oprisko and his Pop/Jazz Ensemble

Peter Oprisko’s smooth baritone voice perfectly fits his amazing repertoire of Academy-award winning songs from the magical era for his latest show, Silver Screen Gold. Pay tribute to the good ol’ days of Hollywood with classic tunes like “Moon River,” “Over the Rainbow,” and “The Way You Look Tonight.” Don’t miss this wonderful singer (whom famed jazz pianist Ramsey
Lewis calls “the Rolls Royce of singers today”), accompanied by keyboard, bass, drums, and tenor saxophone. As befits the occasion, Peter and his band will be in black tie; so please feel
free to dress to the nines!

Harper College: Artificial Intelligence: Changing Our World

IBM’s computer “Watson” made headlines when it defeated two human champions at a game of Jeopardy! Now Watson is applying its powers to help doctors treat cancer. From Siri and Alexa to self-driving vehicles, artificial intelligence is enriching our lives, but at the same time may be rendering certain jobs obsolete. Peggy Eastwood explores this rapidly growing field and its

Harper College: Onward and Upward

In the third of her five-part series “Why I’m Optimistic”, Myra Loris looks at the many ways in which science, technology, and protection of the environment have accelerated as priorities in contemporary America, often in the face of opposition and deregulation. She will discuss advances in space and medicine, the fight against climate change and much more!

Tiny Footprint Tango Tour

This is an argentine tango concert by the billboard top 10 musicians of Cuarteto Tanguero. Bandoneon player Ben Bogart and pianist Winnie Cheung explore an expressive range of tango music. “When we take the stage, our job is to transport you to a different place: wherever ‘tango’ is for you,” Winnie explains. The duo performs pieces from tango’s formative years in Argentina in the 1920s and the later “Big Tango” sound of the Golden Age, as well as the European and American dance repertoire influenced by pre-war tango dance craze. For all that history, tango is also a contemporary world art, so the duo is just as likely to play pieces composed last year.

Moving Made Easy

Moving Made Easy!

Don’t let the act of moving stand in the way of living your best life! The Garlands relocation experts will help you sell your current home – without the stress and with outstanding results. Plus leave the packing, moving and unpacking to us! Find out how to get a jump on the Spring real estate market at our “Moving Made Easy” seminar.

Moving Made Easy

Moving Made Easy!

Don’t let the act of moving stand in the way of living your best life! The Garlands relocation experts will help you sell your current home – without the stress and with outstanding results. Plus leave the packing, moving and unpacking to us! Find out how to get a jump on the Spring real estate market at our “Moving Made Easy” seminar.

Harper College: A Child Shall Lead Them with Myra Loris

In the second of her five-part series “Why I’m Optimistic,” Myra Loris takes a look at the prominence of young people as agents of social change and expanded equality both past and present. Topics include the Children’s March of 1903, the Children’s Crusade of 1963, the “Never Again” March of 2018, and much more. She breaks down trends and events in contemporary American life that encourage optimism;in short, why we have reasons to be optimistic.

The Amazing Adventure of Bertha Benz (and the history of the German automobile)

Porsche, BMW, Audi, and Mercedes Benz have millions of fans all over the world and are synonymous with the quality and success of German engineering. Hardly anyone knows, however, that the history of the automobile’s origin is, to a great extent, due to Bertha Benz, a young mother of five, who, in a secret attempt to visit her mother, became the first human being to drive an automobile over a long distance. Join German historian Anette Isaacs, M.A., as she introduces you to Bertha Benz who was born 170 years ago and who truly changed the world with her history-making adventure!

Winter Crockpot Cooking Demo and Tasting

Ann Wayne, an instructor at One Life Kitchen in Barrington and recently of the Daily Herald Cook of the Week Challenge, will demonstrate two easy and delicious crockpot recipes, one for a soup and one for a stew. These recipes can also be made in standard stove-top pots. Delicious tasting at the end.

Evening Concert with Chris Colletti

Singer Entertainer Chris Colletti keeps the music of the Big Band Era alive as he takes you on a journey back to a sweeter, simpler time … when a song and its lyrics really meant something. They touched us…many times so deeply that we will forever hold them close to our hearts. Chris’s energy and enthusiasm, style, lyrical interpretation, and powerful vocal styling
make his date here a don’t miss an hour of enjoyment.

Pop-Up Shop: Valentine Hugs and Mugs

GiGi’s Playhouse runs free therapeutic, educational, and career-oriented programs for children and adults with developmental
disabilities. Their mission is to change the way the world views Down Syndrome. This Pop-Up Shop will feature the personalized
gifts sold in their retail shop. GiGi’s looks forward to spreading some love here at The Garlands.

The Garlands Holiday Tea

The holiday tradition continues with an assortment of tasty teas, a selection of tea sandwiches, sweet mini-pastries, and, of course, scones and lemon curd. The Nutcracker dancers will dazzle and Snow Queens and Sugar Plums while guests sip, nibble and savor the season.

Silver Bells and THE DIAMONDS

It’s A Doo-Wop Holiday! The Diamonds’ newly revamped holiday show, Silver Bells and Diamonds, will have you out of your seat with high-energy favorites. Then the foursome sing a Christmas medley and then classic tunes from the 50’s and early 60’s, including their biggest hit, Little Darlin’, all featuring their signature harmony-filled vocals and always-entertaining stage presence. Last summer the Diamonds performed here to rave reviews.

Pearl Harbor- A Day of Infamy

December 7, 1941: the event that propelled the United States into the Second World War. Battlefield expert and author Robert Mueller reviews why and how the Japanese almost wiped out the American Pacific Fleet in one fell swoop. Using the individual stories of men who responded to the attack, Mr Mueller presents the tactics and consequences of the most treacherous assault ever launched upon American soil. The program ends with a review of surviving relics and, appropriately, a visit to National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific.

The Mystery of Living – Packing for Syria with Agatha Christie

You are in the room with prolific British “Queen of Crime” author, Agatha Christie, creator of such famous detectives as Hercule Poirot, the eccentric Belgian, and English spinster Miss Jane Marple. Ms. Christie will enjoy a career spanning more than 50 years, and her work will sell into the billions. But today the year is 1949, and you have come to keep her company at her home in Devon. Agatha Christie is going away, and she has some things to tell you. Betsey Means, who recently brought us children’s advocate Mother Jones, animates the Queen of Crime.

Why It Matters: Infrastructure

Harper College instructor Myra Loris explores the current state of US infrastructure and when, historically, we have successfully mastered the infrastructure challenges that an expanding nation required. She will examine the Transcontinental Railroad, the Erie Canal, the WPA, the Federal Highway Program and more.

Dr. Keith Fargo, The Brains Behind Saving Yours®

Meet Dr. Keith Fargo, Director of Scientific Programs and Outreach, Medical and Scientific Relations, with the Alzheimer’s Association. He’s one of the “brains behind saving yours.” Following the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference held in Chicago last month, Dr. Fargo will discuss recent research as it relates to treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease and related dementias as well as care…