We Love Lucy with Steven Frenzel

Man of the Movies, Steven Frenzel, spends a fun hour with one of the funniest and bravest women in movie and television history. This program features many of the greatest “I Love Lucy” scenes ever. We’ll see fascinating clips from Lucy’s early movie career as she transforms from a nervous and timid Lucille Ball into…

Harper College: Migration of the Monarchs

Dr. Suzanne Rausch takes you on a fascinating journey of Monarch Butterflies. Each year the Monarchs of the northeastern United States and Canada set off on a seemingly-impossible migration that will take four generations to complete. A single Monarch must travel 5,000 miles to arrive at the mountain-top resting ground in the Angangueo region of…

And The Award Goes To … National Treasures! with Myra Loris

National Treasures looks at some of our monuments, icons of the American Experience, that illustrate American idealism, creativity, and historical relevance. Topics include the National Mall, the Lincoln Memorial, the WWII and Vietnam Memorials, and the rebuilding of the World Trade Center. If you haven’t yet experienced a Myra Loris lecture, come. Myra is a…

Harper College: The 33 Million Dollar Faberge Egg

In 1885 the jewelry house of Peter Carl Fabergé began what would become the ultimate last great commission of “objets d’art” in the world, The Imperial Easter Eggs. Fabergé received the coveted title, ‘Goldsmith by Special Appointment to the Imperial Crown’ and began the remarkable collection of treasures forever associated with the tragic end of…

Suzuki Harp Recital

Enjoy an autumn evening recital featuring nine harps! Harp and piano students of Brittany Smith perform classical solo repertoire, followed by classical, medieval, and popular favorites by the Suzuki harp ensemble. Chocolate cake, cookies, and apple cider to follow.  

Germany’s Liquid Bread – A Refreshing Look (and Taste of) the History of Beer

The upcoming 100th anniversary of the Prohibition is a perfect opportunity to drink in the history of a revolutionary beverage that changed the world: beer, or more precisely, German beer! Once so essential to daily diets that it was referred to as liquid bread, German beer is still a source of great cultural and national pride. German Historian Anette Isaacs, M.A., takes us on a fascinating exploration of this iconic drink and will include the sagas of the lucky German brewers who became Beer Barons in the USA. Anette brings her own beer tasting to this program!

Oktoberfest with Nippersink Rogues

Thomas Steffens (piano/vocals) and Mike Knauf (flute, soprano sax, Irish whistle, and vocals) return to play all kinds of Oktoberfest music and spin yarns with Die Musikmeiters. Their accomplished and fun repertoire of hundreds of German songs will truly entertain you. Videos of their music are running throughout September on Channel 17. After the show, CDs of their music will be available for purchase.

Father Joji Shares Israel Experience

At St. Anne’s, Garlands’s member Marianne Lenz attended Father Joji’s presentation of his highly unusual trip to Israel. She was so awe-struck, deeply moved, and inspired, she transmitted her excitement to other members until it became clear The Garlands needed Father Joji to come to tell us himself! He will be accompanied by Mary Kay Delaney, who went on the trip and helped him create this presentation.

Harper College: Experience the Nature of Antarctica

Antarctica: the highest, driest, coldest, windiest, and brightest of the seven continents. It is almost completely covered by a layer of ice that averages more than a mile in thickness, but can extend to nearly three. Instructor Suzanne Rausch will explore the variety of animals – who depend on this inhospitable land for their reproductive cycles before venturing into the open ocean for their adult lives. She will discuss ongoing factors impacting the continent and its inhabitants. Last, she will walk us through Antarctica’s human history and mankind’s struggles to explore this frozen world.

“The Endurance” with Author Rochelle Pennington

Award-winning newspaper columnist and author of ten books (her
work is also featured in Chicken Soup for the Soul and Don’t Sweat
the Small Stuff), Rochelle Pennington worked in England and Scotland to research Sir Ernest Shackleton’s epic 1914 odyssey aboard the ship Endurance with his crew of 27. Rochelle’s account is storytelling at its best. You will be on the edge of your seat!

Instant Pot/Crockpot Cooking (and Eating!)

It’s almost fall which is the perfect excuse to indulge your comfort-food cravings. In this relaxed and fun class, Ann Wayne demonstrates how to make Mac’n Cheese in an Instant Pot or crockpot. Stay for the toppings bar and dessert! As always, Ann provides recipes and generous portions of the day’s fare. Reserve your spot, and bring your appetite.

Sixteen Years, WOW!

As they say, “It’s funny how time flies, especially when you are having fun.”

It is hard to believe that I have lived at The Garlands for 16 years now–I have enjoyed every moment! In fact, this might even sound like an ad for The Garlands, however, I thought that maybe some people might like to learn how an “old timer,” who has lived here nearly from the start, feels about being a Garlands member

Wayne Messmer & Friends, Dinner and Show!

One of Chicago’s most recognized voices, Wayne Messmer is best known for his stirring rendition of the National Anthem over the years. Wayne’s baritone has been a fixture at Wrigley Field (Cubs), Allstate Arena (Wolves), Soldier Field (the Bears) for decades. Drawing from a lifetime of musical experiences as a singer, actor, speaker, author, and broadcaster, Wayne and the Wayne Messmer Jazz Group blends an entertaining mix of personality, jazz standards, cabaret, and Broadway classics. Wayne’s words, music, humor, charm, and grit come together in an unforgettable program.

Barbara Rinella Presents A Tribute to George and Barbara Bush

Barbara Rinella, who dramatized Barbara Bush: A Memoir in 1994 (and was even thanked personally by the author), could not resist the opportunity to create this special program to give tribute to true American Heroes! This new program will be based on two wonderful books written by the Bush’s grandchildren, George and Barbara Bush, A Great American Love Story and Sisters First, Stories from Our Wild and Wonderful Life

Democracy in America: Jane Addams

Drop-in at Hull House, where you’ll have tea with Jane Addams. If you’ve seen Betsey Means’ Holocaust survivor Alicia Appleman-Jurman or Emily Dickenson and others, you know the amount of research and rehearsal that goes into each gem of a performance.