Painting Syria’s Children: The Refugee Portrait Project

Artist Dee Abbate, 76, of Oakwood Hills, felt helpless for years and driven to despair as she watched news footage of the Syrian civil war, the growing Middle East refugee crisis, and, above all, the children affected. Unable to just do nothing, Dee organized a group of artist friends to paint portraits of Syrian children caught in the crosshairs. The group, now 23 strong, has taken the changing exhibit on the road and donates 100 percent of the proceeds to charities aiding those least protected. Continue Reading Painting Syria’s Children: The Refugee Portrait Project

Watercooler Sisters Art Exhibit

The art exhibit “Divergent Paths” on display at The Gallery at The Garlands of Barrington July through August 30, 2018 features work by a group of talented women artists and friends who are equally passionate about creating art and supporting each other’s artistic endeavors. The self-named Watercooler Sisters—a result of a happy accident on a restaurant reservation—are showing a… Continue Reading Watercooler Sisters Art Exhibit