Woman hands using wash hand sanitizer gel dispenser, against Novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) or Wuhan coronavirus at public train station. Antiseptic, Hygiene and Healthcare concept

COVID-19 Notice

The Garlands of Barrington is carefully monitoring the information issued by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) relative to the global outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19). Although we currently do not have any active cases of COVID-19 reported at our community, The Garlands is acting with an abundance of caution and taking proactive measures… Continue Reading COVID-19 Notice

Garlands member using the CyberCycle while his friend engages in looking at the screen.

Mind Over Matter . . . Matters!

We all know that exercising the body is beneficial. But what exercising the mind? Or combining the two? Since the brain actually tells the muscles what to do and controls all bodily functions and organs, brain health is directly related to body health. That’s why The Garlands of Barrington’s Inspirational Wellness Advisor, Dr. Sandra Sieber, encourages clients… Continue Reading Mind Over Matter . . . Matters!

Two members using CyberCycles

New Virtual Reality Bike (CyberCycle) Comes to The Garlands

NEW Virtual Reality Bike Exercises Body, Mind and Competitive Spirit for Garlands Members By Dr. Sandra Sieber We all know that exercising is beneficial. However, thinking and engaging the brain during exercise boosts Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF), which substantially encourages brain growth. That’s exactly what the Garlands newest piece of “exergaming” equipment delivers! The interactive… Continue Reading New Virtual Reality Bike (CyberCycle) Comes to The Garlands

Julie posing with Gingerbread Village

New Garlands Gingerbread Maker Crushes the Ultimate Candy Challenge

Peering over The Garlands gingerbread village, onlookers marvel at the candy craftsmanship of the masterpiece on display now at The Garlands of Barrington. This year admirers may even spy some sweet additions, tasty changes and even (gasp!) a festive holiday ghost! New gingerbread maker, Garlands Pastry Chef, Julie Swieca-Gannon put her unique, candy stamp on… Continue Reading New Garlands Gingerbread Maker Crushes the Ultimate Candy Challenge

John and Barbara dancing

‘Twas the Night Before Christmas . . . at The Garlands

Special thanks to Garlands Play Readers, John and Barbara Seaman, Garlands Grandchildren of John and Jackie Matecki and all our Winter Wonderland guests for lending their time and talent to The 2019 Garlands Holiday video.     Set to the following “Garlands-ized” adaptation of The Night Before Christmas, ​the holiday greeting captures the magic of the holidays… Continue Reading ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas . . . at The Garlands

Nancy K. Wilson

Art Exhibit Features Celebrated Work of Artist and Garlands Member Nancy K. Wilson

The artwork of lifelong artist and Garlands member Nancy K. Wilson is on display in collections and homes throughout the United States and Asia, but her private pieces will be featured in an exhibit now through December 31, 2019 at The Gallery at The Garlands of Barrington, 1000 Garlands Lane, Barrington. The public is invited… Continue Reading Art Exhibit Features Celebrated Work of Artist and Garlands Member Nancy K. Wilson

Karen on bridge


Karen Stathakis is moving in a healthy direction at a pace of 4,000 steps a day – as tracked by her Fitbit!     Be FREE After years of caregiving, raising two sons, maintaining a home and juggling a career, Garlands member Karen is free at last to pursue her passions and step into the spotlight: on… Continue Reading Be FREE

The Garlands bridge

The Prize for Keeping Barrington Beautiful

The days grow darker, yet the sun shines brightly on the gardens at The Garlands of Barrington, which was recently honored with a 2019 “Integration of Native Plants” award from The Council of Barrington Garden Clubs.

“We were floored at how beautiful the landscaping is here at The Garlands,” said Maureen Doessel of the Country Home and Garden Club, who visited the campus in August and decided on the spot to nominate The Garlands for recognition.
Continue Reading The Prize for Keeping Barrington Beautiful

Sally and Nancy toasting champaign


“Always my sister, forever my friend.”   Be FAMILY Garlands members and sisters Nancy and Sally grew up side by side on the northwest side of Chicago near the famed Riverview amusement park and Wrigley Field. Nancy, the older by two years, attended Alvernia, an all-girls high school. Sally opted for the co-ed St. Benedicts “because it was more… Continue Reading Be FAMILY

Marlene Peterson painting


Marlene Peterson is a priceless original.   Be CREATIVE When a Garlands friend asked Marlene if she painted, she replied, “I don’t ‘do’ art.” The friend’s response, “How do you know?” sparked Marlene’s curiosity and creativity. Dozens of masterpieces later, Marlene exhibits her work at The Gallery at The Garlands and around town, but her true gift is… Continue Reading Be CREATIVE

Natalie and Fred with Mountains


The sky is the limit for Fred and Natalie Sponsler.   Be ADVENTUROUS Garlands members American Airlines pilot Fred and tax accountant Natalie were “fixed up” later in life by their fraternity brother teenage sons. Taking a risk on love again, the adventuresome Fred and Natalie began dating. A trained Air Force pilot and owner of his own Cirrus… Continue Reading Be ADVENTUROUS

Gary and Sue Ellen on Ski Lift


Sharing breathtaking views atop a snowy Colorado mountain is a real thrill for Gary and Sue Ellen Griffin.   Be THRILLING Family ski trips that started when their three boys were in grammar school continue today…with the addition of seven grandchildren on the slopes! They’ve been risk-takers and adventurers from the get-go. Sue Ellen took the first… Continue Reading Be THRILLING