A Perfect Survey for Garlands HomeCare Solutions!

The Garlands HomeCare Solutions Earns Perfect Survey from Illinois Department of Public Health The perfect score reflects The Garlands of Barrington’s commitment to supporting its members’ good health and smooth recoveries from illness or injury with quality home health care delivered in the convenience and comfort of their Garlands homes.   The Garlands HomeCare Solutions…

Garden Boxes

How Do The Garlands Gardens Grow?

With years of experience and lots and lots of water, that’s how!

Twenty-six raised garden boxes at The Garlands sit dormant all winter, like blank canvases, waiting for gardeners to bring life and color to their beds. Meet two talented gardeners, whose organic masterpieces are now in full bloom, and discover why harvesting the fruits of their labor keep them digging in the dirt.

Dr. Sandra and Cheryl Karlin

The Garlands Inspira: Cultivate Possibility. Ignite Opportunity. Inspire Amazing.

Over the last 15 years our members have inspired us to set goals, dream bigger and have fun! We have countless examples of members with remarkably inspiring stories about their lives before and since moving to The Garlands—health improved, interests pursued, bucket lists crossed off . . . and the list goes on. “The Inspira philosophy and name are in honor of our members past, present and future and 15 years of inspired living here at The Garlands,” says Lund.


The Happiness Advantage

Research shows that when people live in a positive brain state they get something called “the happiness advantage” in which their intelligence, creativity and energy levels increase. They make better decisions, have superior productivity, experience less burnout and improve in many other ways.