Sisters having coffee


Bonnie Gekler is organized, Chris Kotarba is a wee bit loosey-goosey.   Be FRIENDS These Garlands members and lifelong friends are like two distinct peas in the same pod. Whale watching, hiking, retirement parties, a wedding and divorce, a few medical challenges, birthday celebrations―the two pals cruise through life’s ups and downs together. Workmates at First National Bank,… Continue Reading Be FRIENDS

Bonnie Smith smiling drinking coffee


Be THE LIGHT Garlands member Bonnie Smith Smiley’s friendliness, outgoing personality, and yes, smile, consistently exceed even the highest of those expectations. Bonnie’s life journey began in California and led her and her husband, Don, to serve in Guam and then return to California, Washington, New York, Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin and Florida. With their son’s encouragement, they eventually moved… Continue Reading Be THE LIGHT

Joyce Carlson holding The Gazette


Be VALUED Joyce Carlson comes from a long line of do-it-yourselfers. An assistant in a third-generation, family-owned paint contracting business, Joyce was a “working mother” long before the term was coined. When the business line rang in her family’s Chicago three-flat, she would whip into multi-tasking mode, corral the three kids and book the next… Continue Reading Be VALUED

Staff member chatting with member outside

Lynn Adams | Director of Activities/Lifestyles

I love my job! Our members are fantastic. They are so interested in art, education, music, world events, expanding their horizons, challenging their brains, helping others, playing games, visiting together and the list goes on. It’s a joy to work with them!  I also really love working with our fellow team members. All our departments care so… Continue Reading Lynn Adams | Director of Activities/Lifestyles

Water color cover

Watercooler Sisters Art Exhibit

The art exhibit “Divergent Paths” on display at The Gallery at The Garlands of Barrington July through August 30, 2018 features work by a group of talented women artists and friends who are equally passionate about creating art and supporting each other’s artistic endeavors. The self-named Watercooler Sisters—a result of a happy accident on a restaurant reservation—are showing a… Continue Reading Watercooler Sisters Art Exhibit


The Garlands Play Readers Present: A Passion for Story-telling, Entertaining and Good Times

The Garlands Play Readers, a troupe of 20+ thespians, all of whom are over the age of 75 and live at the Barrington retirement community, act, lip-sync and dance their way through dramas, sketch comedy and one-acts that are performed live in The Garlands’ own 200-seat Performing Arts Center. Continue Reading The Garlands Play Readers Present: A Passion for Story-telling, Entertaining and Good Times


The Garlands Inspira: Cultivate Possibility. Ignite Opportunity. Inspire Amazing.

Over the last 15 years our members have inspired us to set goals, dream bigger and have fun! We have countless examples of members with remarkably inspiring stories about their lives before and since moving to The Garlands—health improved, interests pursued, bucket lists crossed off . . . and the list goes on. “The Inspira philosophy and name are in honor of our members past, present and future and 15 years of inspired living here at The Garlands,” says Lund.
Continue Reading The Garlands Inspira: Cultivate Possibility. Ignite Opportunity. Inspire Amazing.